Acta Kierkegaardiana 

Actakierkegaadiana :: Volume 2Acta Kierkegaardiana is a specialist multi-volume book project devoted to exploring the work and thought of the nineteenth century Danish philosopher, theologian, and literary genius, Søren Kierkegaard..

The aim of Acta Kierkegaardiana is to enrich our understanding of Kierkegaard in relation to his cultural and historical context, while also exploring how his ideas relate to contemporary concerns in philosophy, theology, and literature. The series promotes novel research into Kierkegaard’s work, whilst also serving to introduce readers unfamiliar with Kierkegaard to his ideas and significance.

Acta Kierkegaardiana includes original research and critical interpretation of Kierkegaard, putting his work in its historical context but also examining its contemporary significance. It represents high quality work on a thinker of enduring importance.”

C. Stephen Evans, University Professor of Philosophy and Humanities, Baylor University

“Acta Kierkegaardiana, although a relatively new journal, has quickly established itself as a major organ of publication in the field of Kierkegaard studies. It has done a truly outstanding job at bringing together people from different countries and research traditions. Each volume features original top-level articles from the best scholars in the field. Already now after the publication of its initial volumes,Acta Kierkegaardiana has made a very substantial contribution to the world of Kierkegaard research.”

Jon Stewart, Associate Research Professor, Søren Kierkegaard Research Centre, University of Copenhagen

“In today’s broad landscape of Kierkegaard research there are few outlets that focus effectively on those aspects of Kierkegaard’s thinking for which our own time has so much to learn. None does so more effectively than Acta Kierkegaardiana…”

Alastair Hannay, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University Of Oslo