Volume II

Acta Kierkegaardiana Volume II
Kierkegaard & Great Philosophers

The present volume brings to the reader a set of articles focusing on Søren Kierkegaard’s connection to prominent figures in the Western intellectual tradition, with the aim of presenting Kierkegaard’s thought in the broader context of the history of philosophy and the history of ideas. The ideological legacy of the Danish thinker is analysed in connection with philosophers and theologians who yeilded inspiration for his thinking, in the light of the work of his contemporaries, and from the perspective of the reception of his thought in the 20th and 21st centuries. The studies collected in this volume are not limited exclusively for specialist readers of Kierkegaard’s philosophy; rather they are offered to all those who wish to become familiar with Kierkegaard’s place in the history of Western philosophy, theology, and literature.


Kierkegaard’s Predecessors and Contemporaries

Andrew Burgess: Kierkegaard’s Rhetoric and Aesthetics against the Background of Kant, Schlegel, and Hegel

Richard Purkarthofer: Trendelenburg und Kierkegaard: „Eine wunderliche Beziehung“

Stephen Leach: Socrates in Hamann and Kierkegaard

Patrick Stokes: Kierkegaard’s Uncanny Encounter with Schopenhauer, 1854

Peter Sajda: On Some Aspects of Kierkegaard’s Reading of Abraham a Sancta Clara

Simon Podmore: Struggling with God: Kierkegaard / Proudhon

Maria Binetti: Kierkegaard – Hegel: The Religious Stage in Speculative Terms

Manuel Caraza SalmeronEl erotismo musical. La Música en la “estética” kierkegaardiana

 Milan Petkanic: The Possibility of Offence: Kierkegaard and Dostoyevsky’s The Grand Inquisitor

Kierkegaard in the 20th and 21st Centuries

Martin Beck Matustik: The Scarcity of Singular Individuals in the Age of Globalization: A Kierkegaardian Response to Fundamentalism

Abrahim Khan: The Good and Modern Identity: Charles Taylor and Søren Kierkegaard

Jamie Turnbull: Kierkegaard and Contemporary Philosophy

Søren Landkildehus: Answering Stoicism: Kierkegaard vs. McDowell

Luis Guerrero: El silencio como contrapunto de la ética Kierkegaard – Derrida

Laura Llevadot: Kierkegaard y Zambrano: La ética de la escritura

Roman Kralik: On the Boundary: Kierkegaard and Tillich

Rafael Garcia Pavon / Mariano Robles Reyes: La decisión de existir por el absurdo: Albert Camus y Søren Kierkegaard, o Sísifo o Abraham

Andrej Demuth: Heidegger and the Shadows of Kierkegaard’s Thinking

Catalina Elena Dobre: Kierkegaard and the Romanian Culture (After Kierkegaard’s Example)


Junius Stenseth: An Ant in the Woods

Roman Kralik: Šaľa: Kierkegaard in the Heart of Europe