Volume III

Acta Kierkegaardiana Volume III
Kierkegaard & Christianity

The theme of this third volume of the Acta Kierkegaardiana project goes to the very heart of Kierkegaard’s thought. The papers collected in this volume are testimony to a continued interest in Kierkegaard’s thinking about Christianity, and the challenge that that thinking presents. The stand that we as commentators and readers take on Kierkegaard’s views about Christianity, and the issue of how those views stand to the rest of his thought, bears upon: who we think Kierkegaard is; the nature of his work; as well as what we conceive of ourselves to be doing when we engage in Kierkegaard scholarship and commentary. Any Kierkegaard scholar worth his or her metal is going to admit that Kierkegaard’s work has something to do with Christianity, the important question is: what? In exploring this question, the present volume casts new light on the work and thought on one of the most enigmatic figures in the history of philosophy.


Alastair Hannay: Climacus for Our Time

Andrew Burgess: Kierkegaard’s Climacus on Christianity and Laughter

Jon Stewart: Kierkegaard’s Claim about the Relation between Philosophy and Christianity in the Journal AA

Istvan Czako: Becoming Immortal: the Historical Context of Kierkegaard’s Concept of Immortality

Jamie Turnbull: Kierkegaard’s Supernaturalism

Peter Sajda: “The wise men went another way”: Kierkegaard’s Dialogue with Fénelon and Tersteegen in the Summer of 1849

Eric Ziolkowski: Passion by Fashion: Kierkegaard, St. Francis, and Clothes

Simon Podmore: The Infinite Quality of Forgiveness: the (Im)possible and the (Un)forgivable

Abrahim Khan: Sin Before Christ in The Sickness Unto Death

Søren Landkildehus: Through a Veil of Tears: The Image of Christ in Kierkegaard’s Discourses on The Woman Who Was a Sinner

Leo Stan: God’s Exacting Agape of Singular Individuals: A Kierkegaardian Corrective

Walter Wietzke: What’s Love Got to do with Religiousness B?

Janne Kylliainen: Kierkegaard on Faith, Love and Equality

Seung-Goo Lee: Kierkegaard’s Understanding of a Genuine Christian

Mark Tietjen: Indirect Communication, and the Special Case of Christian Communication

Roman Kralik: Defending Faith: Did Kierkegaard Attack with Purity of Heart?

Stephen Leach: The Extraordinary and Christianity