Volume IV

Acta Kierkegaardiana Volume IV
Kierkegaard and The Religious Crisis of the Nineteenth Century in Europe

In the wake of the Enlightenment, Europe in the nineteenth century was left in a deep religious crisis, which called into question most of the traditional Christian dogmas and beliefs. This volume begins by exploring some of the debates that characterized this crisis, and the reaction of particular thinkers to it. It goes onto explore Kierkegaard’s conception and response to the religious crisis of his age. How, exactly, does Kierkegaard characterize the religious crisis of his age? How is his work intended to solve that crisis? Moreover, does the religious crisis of the nineteenth century bear any similarity to our own contemporary ethical and religious dilemmas? If so, what solution can Kierkegaard’s work provide to our problems?


The Religious Crisis of the Nineteenth Century

Jon Stewart: Hegel’s Teleology of World Religions and the Disanalogy of theLectures on the Philosophy ofReligion

István Czakó:Aufgehobene Unsterblichkeit: Die Rezeption von Hegels
Religionsphilosophie in der Unsterblichkeitsdebatte

Peter Šajda:Does Hegelian Philosophy ofReligion Distort Christian Dogmatics
and Ethics? (The Debate on Speculative Mysticism)

Istvan Czako: Becoming Immortal: the Historical Context of Kierkegaard’s Concept of Immortality

Heiko Schulzl:True Consciousness Dreaming. Feuerbach’s Critique ofReligion

Daniel Conway:Revisiting the Death ofGod: On the Madness ofNietzsche’s

Patrick Stokes:The Science of the Dead: Proto-Spiritualism in Kierkegaard’s

Kierkegaard’s Response to the Religious Crisis

Jamie Turnbull: Kierkegaard’s Religious, and Our Methodological, Crisis

Eric S. Nelson:Religious Crisis, Ethical Life, and Kierkegaard’s Critique of

George Pattison:The Mysterious Family orWhy Kierkegaard NeverWrote a Play:
An Old Question Revisited

Andrew J. Burgess: Kierkegaard’s Taler, Moravian Reden?

Peder Jothen:Kierkegaard and the Crisis ofRighteousness: A Theological,
Epistemological and Civic Thematic

David Lawrence Coe:Taking Luther with a Grain of Salt: Kierkegaard’s Nineteenth Century Lutheran Corrective

Richard B. Purkarthofer:Some Remarks on Kierkegaard’s Method of Indirect Proof in The Book on Adler

Leo Stan: Modernity and Christian Offensiveness. An Ongoing Scandal

Bryan McCarthy:Living an Esthetic and Faithfully Religious Life on Kierkegaard’s